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From sports and culture enthusiasts, to those who enjoy the outdoors, Abuja has no shortage of attractions


There are many nearby attractions and plenty of activities to enjoy in the area.

Abuja National Mosque
A must-visit is the beautiful Abuja National Mosque, the national mosque of Nigeria. It is also open to the non-Muslim public.  Find Out More
Jabi Lake Mall
This contemporary mall includes shops such as Tag Heuer, Havana, House of Tara and many more. There is also a good selection of restaurants and cafés to choose from. Find Out more
Jabi Lake and Park
Abuja residents like to exercise, relax and have fun at this beautiful location.  Boating and picnicking are popular pastimes. Find Out More
Jabi Boat Club
Situated across the lake from Jabi Lake Mall, this is a great place for light meals and drinks.
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Abuja National Stadium 

A multipurpose national sports stadium, it serves as a home to the Nigerian national football team. It is also a centre for various social, cultural, and religious events. 
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Magicland Park is of one of the major amusement and recreational parks in Abuja and situated next to the Abuja City Gate. A hive of activity with thrilling rides and entertainment for kids and adults alike.
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Zuma Rock
Zuma Rock is a well-known landmark in Abuja. The 300m (980 ft) rock is one of the highest and largest monoliths in the world. Hiking up will take around five hours. Zuma Rock is close to many other attractions. Find Out More
Wuse Market
An urban, open-air market where you can buy clothes, Nigerian fabrics and many other local products.
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IBB International Golf and Country Club
This international-standard golf course is located 10km away, off Aso Drive. Find Out More
Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is a popular attraction, showcasing a variety of Nigerian artwork. Find Out More

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