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A wealth of history and culture to experience


Addis Ababa is a city with a wealth of history and culture to experience, with most of the sought after activities conveniently located close to the hotel.

We have put together a list of some great ways to spend your free time here:

Dembel City Center
Ethiopia’s largest shopping centre, housing over 100 assorted shops, offices and restaurants.
Meskel Square
only 1,3km from the hotel is the iconic running ground of Meskel Square. Join hundreds of avid runners as they go about their morning training.
Addis Ababa Museum
visit Lucy, the oldest human fossil ever found, and find out more about the history of Ethiopia - all only a ten minute walk from the hotel.
Edna Mall
jam-packed with entertainment ranging from cinemas to a game arcade. If you’re travelling with a family, this would be an ideal excursion.
Sangham Indian Restaurant
one of the most well-loved restaurants in the area, with delicious and authentic Indian food.
La Parisienne French Bakery/Café
take a stroll through the city centre and pop into this charming café: for anything from a tea, to a hearty meal.

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