Business as usual at BON Hotel Shelley Point

Recent concerns over the operation and management of BON Hotel Shelley Point have been addressed at a meeting held in Cape Town this week. Guy Stehlik, CEO of BON Hotels, and Gert Joubert, owner of the Shelley Point property, reassured concerned members of the public and hotel industry role-players that should the auction of the hotel go ahead, it will by no means affect the management contract and operations at BON Hotel Shelley Point.

The property has been placed on the auction roll of Claremart Auctioneers and is due to go under the hammer later this month. Guy Stehlik confirmed that a successful auction of the property is subject to any new owner’s continuance of the ten-year lease agreement in place with BON Hotels and the property will not be sold unless the management contract is honoured and the management company is retained.

Commenting on the auction, Stehlik said, “We understand the industry’s concerns surrounding the auction of the hotel. Given the history of the property and the resulting positive effect that BON Hotels has made on the road to recovery, the timing of the auction is not ideal. However, we reassure our clients, travel agents and the conference market which we rely on that it will be business as usual at BON Hotel Shelley Point.”  

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