New SA Hotel Group – by Business Traveller Africa

November saw a new hotel management and marketing group launched in South Africa. BON Hotels is headed up by CEO and founder, Guy Stehlik and business partner, John Saliba. BON Hotels’ offering comes in three main packages: a 100% management engagement, a marketing and sales management engagement and a business rescue engagement.

The latter is aimed specifically at hotels in ‘transitional and distressed circumstances’, and include financial arrangements for satisfying creditors and debtors. “The BON Hotels fee structure will be. different from most traditionally adopted by hotel management companies,” said Stehlik, “some of which simply cream off 10% to 20% of the revenue, no matter what the hotel’s financial circumstances. A large portion of BON Hotels’ fee structure will be performance-based, typically upon the achievement of pre-set targets – REVPAR in particular.”

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